There are several ways in which you can contribute to the success of Harry’s Foundation and support our causes: (will eventually have a pay pal donate button here once our 501c3 is final)

  1. Be a Sponsor (Link here to sponsoring page)
  2. Donate items for our live auction (anchor to content below)
  3. Donates services for Harry Fest (anchor to content below)
  4. Attend Harry Fest (link to Harry Fest here)
  5. Participate in our Live Auction (link to auction page here)
  6. Volunteer (anchor to content below)

Donating Items for The Live Auction

Our live auction is the primary source for funds to give to Harry Fest causes, and the more great things we have, the more great things we can do!

Here are some ideas for auction donations.

  • Lessons/Instruction

  • Sports Memorabilia

  • Travel/Vacation Homes

  • Sports Tickets

  • Anything Golf

  • Beauty/Salon/Spa

  • Gift Baskets

  • Gym/Fitness/Training

  • Museums/Events/Concerts

  • House Cleaning

  • Baby Sitting Services

  • Movie/Play Tickets

  • Wine/Beer/Elixirs

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride

  • Photography/Videographer

  • Dry Cleaning

  • Flowers

  • Hotel/Bed & Breakfast/Camping

  • Home Services

  • Auto Services

  • Gift Certificates

  • Ski Trips

  • Novelty Items

Donating Services to Harry Fest

The only money Harry’s Foundation spends that does not go to our causes are event related expenses. We currently enjoy amazing relationships with several businesses that make Harry Fest possible, but there are always a few more that could make it even better!

  • Marketing/Advertising

  • Sky Lanterns

  • Auctioneers

  • Hotel/Bed and Breakfast Accommodations

  • Airfare

  • Photography


Volunteers and Board Members are the heart and soul of Harry’s Foundation, and we are always looking for fresh energy, new ideas, and a desire to help change lives. Below are several ways you can help us through volunteering.

  • Auction Item Associates. Help with gathering auction items by visiting local businesses in your community.

  • Harry Fest. Spend a few hours or the entire day and evening helping out at the event.

  • Marketing Materials Distribution. Put up posters and deliver brochures throughout the community.

  • Become a Board Member. Be in involved with the long and short term planning of Harry Fest, and help create the course for the future. Your commitment is to attend board meeting conference calls on average of one call per month.

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If not for our sponsors, our effort to change and save lives would be impossible. Many of our sponsors have been with us since the very beginning, and we work diligently to support them and promote them at every opportunity.

Our sponsorship packages provide real marketing value in a variety of ways that are uncommon with most nonprofits.

  1. Most packages come with radio airtime. Our partner, Cool 101 actually provides your business with on air mention in all Harry Fest promotion.
  2. Marketing Options. From tee shirts, to our website, printed materials, to event site promotion, there are many ways to get your business in front of people who love to support local business.
  3. Our mailing list. We take every opportunity to let our followers know who makes Harry Fest possible, and how they can support you.
  4. Social Media. Through our Facebook presence, we share the generosity of our sponsors.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Your cash contribution or auction donation are the lifeblood of our giving…

PLATINUM $ 1,500 (Cash or Auction Item)

35-Mentions on WZUU & WQXC ($ 1,400 value)

Your company logo on Harry Fest Main Stage

Listed in all medias and marketing materials

Logo on souvenir tee shirt

Souvenir Tee Shirts for 30

30 Tickets to Harry Fest ($ 300 value)

Your company logo on Harry’s website


GOLD $ 1,000 (Cash or Auction Item)

25-Mentions on WZUU & WQXC ($ 1,000 value)

Logo on souvenir tee shirt

Souvenir Tee Shirts for 20

20 tickets to Harry Fest ( $ 200 value)

Your company logo on Harry’s website


SILVER $ 500 (Cash or Auction Item)

15-Mentions on WZUU & WQXC ($ 600 value)

10 tickets to Harry Fest ( $ 100 value)

Souvenir Tee Shirts for 10

Your company listed on Harry’s website


BRONZE $ 200 (Cash or Auction Item)

10 tickets to Harry Fest ( $ 100 value)

Souvenir Tee Shirts for five

Your company listed on Harry’s website


COPPER $ 50 (Cash or Auction Item)

Four tickets to Harry Fest ( $ 40 value)

Your company listed on Harry’s website

VIP Cabanas

 Be one of four very special VIP groups to support Harry’s Foundation and have your own private party cabana at this year’s Harry Fest.

Your business, organization or team will be provided with:

 Team cabana for up to 16 people

 Free admission to Harry Fest

 Free Team Entry for our Flip Cup Tournament

 Logo/name in auction packet

 Pre-registration for live auction

 Cabana signage.


VIP Cabana Only $ 250


VIP Deluxe $ 500

 Cabana Munchies

 One free drink

 Logo/Name on Souvenir Tee Shirts

 Tee Shirts for your team


VIP Supreme $ 1,000

 Free Food from The Old Dog Tavern

 Free Drinks

 Logo/Name on Souvenir Tee Shirts

 Tee Shirts for your team

 25 Radio mentions on Cool 101


As a special bonus, the cabana that tally’s the highest amount of auction purchases will receive the same cabana FREE for Harry Fest 2016!

 Flip Cup Tournament Presenting Sponsor $ 500

 Logo at Tournament

 Logo on Tee Shirt

 Live Announcements

 Mentions on Cool 101

 Identified in all Media

 10 Tickets to Harry Fest

Sponsors with logos and links (Most are on site so let me know what you need)

  • Cool 101
  • WZUU Real Rock
  • United Party & Event Services
  • The Courthouse Athletic Centers
  • Schupan and Sons
  • Harold Ziegler of Plainwell
  • Educators Management Group
  • Squeegie Studios
  • Craig Bachove Accounting Services
  • Meijer of Plainwell
  • Papa’s Italian Sausage
  • Harding’s of Plainwell
  • Arcadia Brewing
  • The Upper Crust
  • Kalamazoo Sportswear
  • Blue Crescent Digital

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Flip Cup Tournament

We’ve taken one of America’s most fun and entertaining tailgate/party games and created a cup raising/fund raising event for the ages!

All it takes to participate is five talented flip cuppers who have paid their Harry Fest admission of $ 10.00 and a $ 40.00 team entry. Each team must be pre-registered or register on site prior to the start of the tournament. A tournament bracket will be developed prior to the start of the tournament.

  •  Up to 20 Teams
  •  Five member teams with one alternate
  • Single elimination tournament
  • Qualifying rounds are best two out of three
  • Championship Round is best four out of seven
  • Qualifying rounds begin at 9:00 PM
  • Championship will on the main stage at 11:00 PM
  •  $ 40 per team plus Harry Fest admission (100 total)
  •  All teams receive Tee Shirts
  •  Championship Trophy

See how Jimmy Fallon does it! 


Standard Game Rules

Game play:

Designate one end of the table as the starting end, and the other as the anchor end. The first player at the starting side will be assigned cup #1 and so on down the line. The game starts when both player #1s tap each other’s cup and then tap the table. (Also known as “The Gentleman’s Start.”) From there each player #1 will drink the amount of beverage in the cup. Then they will place the cup FACE UP on the edge of the table and proceed to flip the cup by tapping the bottom rim until it lands 100% FACE DOWN (unless leaning on the table’s lip). Then player #2 can drink their beverage and proceed to flip, and so on down the line until all team members have flipped. The first team to flip all of their cups wins that game. The next game will start with player #2 being the new starter and player #1 being the new anchor. There is no need to move any player locations on the table.

If 2 cups on opposing sides land at the same time you go to a tie breaker known as JUNGLE RULES (see below). Remember, if 2 cups hit the table at the same time, it is the cup that settles first that wins.

Teams will consist of 5 people to compete. There are no gender requirements at all for this tournament. Each team has the option to bring alternates/reserve and is limited to only 1 alternates/reserve, for a total of 6 players. If a team has an alternate, they can only make line-up changes in between matches. The 5 players that start a match have to be the same that finish it. If a team does not have the minimum 5 players they will be given an automatic loss.

16oz plastic cups will be used for the WSOFC. A standard match consists of 5 players per team. Each player will fill their cup with a small amount of beverage of their choice.

Jungle Rules

Jungle Rules is when everyone at the table participates at the same time. The entire table will Gentleman’s Start with their opposite cup #, then everyone will flip. The first team to have every team member flip their cup will win.


If two hands are used to flip or guide the cup it, is an illegal flip. Only one hand is permitted to make the flip. The non-flipping hand may act strictly as balance assistance for the cup on the edge of the table. Sometimes you are forced to play on tables with “less than ideal” edges, so it is necessary for added support. This in no way is meant to help guide the cup during the flip; just to keep it from falling off of the table. Also the non flipping hand must remain completely still during the flip if it is used for balance assistance. This will eliminate any debate about it being used as a guide. The only time contact with the cups by 2 hands is allowed is to place the cup on the edge or to re-set the cup if a complete flip is not made.

Also, the majority of the cup base must be touching the table top when the flip is made. There are no “mid air” flips.

A player may not intentional interfere with the other teams cups or flipping process.

Each player must flip their own cup. If it falls on the floor or goes flying across the room, you must retrieve it and then flip it on your teams side of the table.

For all illegal flips or infractions, a warning will be given upon the first offense. A loss of the current game will be given up each additional offense

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